What is a GPO code?



Active All Star Tower Defense Codes (working)

1millikes —Redeem for 650 Gems and an Omega Rare IV. summerwoo2022—Redeem for 750 Gems and a Omega-Rare EXP IV. changesjune—Redeem for 450 Gems. owouch—Redeem for 400 Gems.

What are some codes for All Star Tower Defense 2022?

Working All Star Tower Defense codes
  • summerwoo2022 – 750 Gems and EXP IV.
  • owouch – 400 Gems.
  • changesjune – 450 Gems.
  • ticketupdate – 400 Gems.
  • newaprilupdate – 450 Gems.
  • allstarspring – 450 Gems.
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak – 500 Gems and Omega Rare!!! EXP IV.

What are the newest codes for ASTD?

The latest All Star Tower Defense codes
  • owouch.
  • changesjune.
  • ticketupdate.
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak.
  • newaprilupdate.
  • astd1millikes.
  • allstarspring.
  • ultramove.

How do you get Gold All Star Tower Defense?

Gold can be obtained by completing story mode missions (can be 100+ gold, depends on mission), by waiting in the Time Chamber, and by using codes and Treasure Cart rewards . Extreme Story Mode does not give more coins.

What is the rarest unit in ASTD?

S+ tier (The rarest units with the highest value and demand in the game)
  • Death/Ryuk (Given to whoever Won the Video of the week awards.)
  • Legendary Borul (Alternative)/ Broly Z (Given to staff members of both the « ASTD Wiki » and the « ASTD Trello ». …
  • Dark Wing/Ulquiorra (The current AIR leaderboard prize as of 11/13/2021.

How do I get King Luffy ASTD?

King Ruffy is a 4-star unit based on Luffy from One Piece but with drip, and can be obtained using the code « KingLuffyFan200k » . He is a reskin of Ruffy TS and cannot be obtained more than once, making him a limited-time character. This character is a celebration of King Luffy reaching 100k subscribers.
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How do you get RYUK in ASTD?

In order to get him, someone must win video of the week in the Discord server . To enter, you have to make an ASTD related video, and Fruity (one of the game’s developers) will choose what he thinks is the funniest video.

What is a GPO code?

A Government Publishing Office (GPO) Billing Address Code (BAC) is a 6-digit alphanumeric code that identifies the agency/bureau and the unit’s mailing address for billing documents for all GPO orders .

How do you get Beerus in ASTD?

Overview. Godus is a 6-star unit based on Beerus from the Dragon Ball franchise. He can only be obtained by beating the Android Raid in World 2 . It is rumored that you only need to defeat one of the Godus in Android Raid to obtain him.

How do you unlock ASTD Z banner?

There are 3 different Banners: X, Y and Z, with Banner X being always unlocked, Banner Y being unlocked after completing Ant Kingdom in Story Mode and Banner Z is only available on World 2 .

What does the T mean in All Star Tower Defense?

Tyrant (Bartholomew Kuma)

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